26 Future Goals Examples For Your Career And Personal Life

Most people set several goals every year, but most of them go unfulfilled. To make sure that your dream life becomes a reality, you should take some time to learn how to create personal and career goals that suit the life you want to create.

Of course, picking the right goal can be hard. Sometimes, a little inspiration is needed to grease the wheels of success. So below, you’ll find many future goals examples that’ll help make setting and achieving goals for your future a lot easier. Whether you’re looking for good old-fashioned self-improvement or want to future your career prospects, you’re in the right place.

So, are you ready to take that all-important first step? Take a look at the following 26 future goals examples so you can get started today. And before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a better, more fulfilling life.

1. Read a New Book Every Month

The first on this list of future goals examples is reading a new book every month. This is an ambitious goal that’ll make you grow personally and professionally. How? By allowing you to learn more each day than most people do in their entire lives.

Any time spent reading can be done either at home with family (or alone), during a lunch break from work, or even before bedtime. The important thing, though, is using what you read about to change your habits. And over time, it’s practically guaranteed to change your life for the better.[1]

2. Build a Website and Blog

This is great because it teaches you how to find your voice, figure out what you want to say, and share your message. You might also learn about new technologies or tools that can help work more efficiently. It’s an opportunity to turn words into action! And this is great whether for your personal development or career purposes as well.

Even better, you can use it to demonstrate your career expertise, which could potentially attract more business opportunities your way.

3. Develop a More Active Lifestyle

Incorporating an active lifestyle into your routine will make you feel better, be more energetic, and improve your health. You’ll even have a higher chance of living longer as well. And the best part? It doesn’t need to be a difficult task. You can easily find ways to make this happen, whether it’s by taking your dog for walks in the evening or working out with friends on weekends.

4. Find New Passions to Explore

This goal is helpful because it gives you time to rediscover yourself. You might find this goal sparks a whole new interest in something. If that’s the case, you can explore it for a few months and then find another passion to pursue—or even combine two passions into one! This gives your goals meaning and essentially, this means your life has more meaning as well.

5. Learn New Skills in Your Field

You’ll find this helpful because it allows you to keep up with trends, stay relevant in your industry, and have something new for yourself or others. You might also get to use your new skills in a job interview or work project, which could lead to more work opportunities and better job prospects as well.

6. Take on New Projects at Work

Experimenting with new projects will help you grow in your career and learn more about the goals for a company or how other teams work. It might also teach you something unexpected that can be applied to another project as well.

7. Make Time for Friends and Family

This is a great way to help you feel more fulfilled with your social life. This might be meeting up for coffee or dinner, going out on a date night, or simply taking care of your pet together. You’ll get to catch up and share quality moments that can’t always happen when you’re busy. And often, it’s these slow, quiet moments that stay with us the longest.

8. Do Charity Work

By taking on this kind of future goal, you’re giving back to the world and making a difference. Even better, you might be able to meet new people and make connections with others that share similar interests, as you’re more likely to volunteer somewhere you feel strongly about.

9. Plan One or Two Trips Per Year

Sometimes, the most important thing is to take some time away from your everyday life. By changing scenery and exploring new destinations, you’ll get a break from work projects or other activities that keep your mind busy. You might also meet new people while you’re away and have a chance to explore different cultures, learn about yourself, and grow connections with new and interesting people.

10. Learn to Cook From Scratch

It’s always useful to learn more about what goes into your favorite foods. It might also make your kitchen feel like a less intimidating place, or give you tools to cook on the go, which could be really convenient. And, of course, you’ll be able to make delicious and healthy meals for yourself or your family.

11. Try Something Outside Your Comfort Zone

This goal is great for giving you the opportunity to push yourself and challenge what you know. By living life outside of our comfort zone and making mistakes along the way, you’ll constantly be learning something new. This could be anything from traveling somewhere new, trying a food you’ve never had before, or even taking on something in your personal life that would typically cause anxiety.

12. Learn How to Meditate

Meditation is helpful because it helps you be more present. It might also help with other goals like sleep or having a better work-life balance as well. After all, you’ll feel less stressed and have an easier time finding your zen state when you meditate regularly.[2]

13. Practice Gratitude Every Day

One of the best stress relievers is being thankful for what you have, and this can be done by keeping a gratitude journal, reflecting on goals you’ve accomplished, or even just saying “thank you.” The major thing is not letting negativity cloud your thoughts and remembering what is actually good in life.

14. Treat Yourself to the Occasional Indulgence

Sometimes, it’s hard to take some time for yourself and enjoy life. When done responsibly, indulgences can be beneficial to your well-being and help you feel more refreshed. Whether this is a massage, dinner out with friends, or even just an evening at home watching TV, we must take some time for ourselves every now and again.

15. Create a Debt-Removal Budget

One of the most stressful experiences we can experience is financial issues. And while we might not be able to solve all of the debt problems right away, it’s important that you make goals and start tackling some of them.

One of the major financial stressors is debt. If you can create and stick with a debt-removal process, the level of satisfaction you experience when your debt is wiped away will be huge.

16. Take Care of Your Mental Health

All these examples of future goals mean nothing if you’re not in the right state of mind to use them. So, it’s important to make goals for your mental health as well. This is different for everybody, but in general, it means getting away from sources of stress and balancing them out with activities that bring you joy or satisfaction.

Stephen Covey calls this “sharpening the saw” in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Essentially, it’s what keeps you moving forward through the tough times in life.

17. Learn a New Language

It’s obvious that being able to communicate with more people is great for both personal and career prospects. On the one hand, people prefer communicating in their native language. So, this will make traveling and socializing more enjoyable. On the other hand, practically every company desires multi-language speakers. It’s just good for business and will make you stand out more.

18. Take a Self-Defense Class

This may not be so obvious, but another future goal example is taking a self-defense class. While you ideally never have to use it, learning self-defense will help you feel more empowered and safe. And just knowing that you have the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones is a great feeling. So, why not take advantage of it?

19. Take Up Painting

Painting is a perfect outlet for regulating emotions and gaining a sense of peace and calmness. It’s also great for developing your creative abilities and being able to express yourself through art. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your skills improve when you take up painting as an activity for simple fulfillment reasons.

20. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Another great way to be creative is by playing an instrument. It might seem daunting at first, but it’s surprisingly not as difficult as you think. And playing an instrument will force your brain to work in new ways and help with cognitive development.[3] Plus, music is great for social reasons as you can bond over it as well.

21. Start a Side Hustle

Side hustles can be a good way to not only make more money but improve your career as well. Any employer will be impressed by the initiative needed to start a side hustle, and not to mention the skills needed to make it work. But the most important part is that it will give you goals to pursue outside of your day job, which can be extremely rewarding.

22. Learn How to Garden

A great way to relieve stress while also being physically active is gardening. It’s not as hard as you think. All you need is a small garden space and some seeds. And it’ll be good for your mental health as well since you’re able to maintain something outside yourself even when present circumstances are tough.

23. Aim to Be a Team Leader

The best way to move up at work is to be in a leadership position. Leaders are automatically given respect by other people. Plus, by being a leader, you’ll stand out in people’s memory more. This will give you more weight when new positions or projects are being considered for employees.

24. Hire Someone From Your Network

Working with people within your network will foster better connections and opportunities. And if you help them, they will help you. This means you’ll have an easier time finding better positions to work towards in your career.

25. Teach or Mentor Others in Your Field

One of the best ways to stand out in your field is to teach others. Not only will it make you more marketable, but it’ll also help you learn more about your field of expertise. It’s a great way to give back in some ways as well.

26. Try Out Different Roles and Departments at Your Company

The last one of these future goals examples is trying out different roles in your company. If your goal is to move up in your company, it can help to work in the various departments for even a short time. This will help you better understand the company’s goals and culture, which is great for networking. It’ll also give you an idea of where your strengths lie so that when new openings arise in different departments, you’ll be able to apply successfully.

Final Thoughts

Setting goals is key for your personal life and career success. If you’ve been struggling to achieve your goals, it might be time for a change in strategy. But you don’t have to go from zero to hero overnight. Instead, take small steps every day that’ll lead towards your major goal.

You can use these future goals examples to set your own and work on them one at a time. And before you know it, you’ll build enough momentum to make progress that changes your life forever.

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