Why do we love feeling like shit?

Is it me, or do people in general have this sick fetish of enjoying putting themselves down, thinking of the worst things and going on and on rubbing it into their hurtful minds. Like it almost feels good in a way, the sadness, the pain. It makes no sense. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Maybe it’s because we need to? After all you couldn’t know happiness with out sadness, and the same goes the other way around.

But maybe it’s because we have all been suffering for so long, and it’s just sewn into our personal fabric, as an automatic type of program built into our core essence of being.

One we need to, and are constantly working at changing. Through being a better person by practicing mindfulness, helping, loving, and changing our perceptions to what is truth, not what we think we are based on others sayings and past influences in terms of material beingness.

I know it’s easy to get upset and hurt when life outputs bad shit upon us, especially when it seems to keep dumping more and more shit on you untill it’s just too much, of course you’re going to snap! I’ve been there many times, and learned a lesson from each one, you should too.

I’m just saying that it’s ok though, to feel this way, because without it you’ll never change, and change is what needs to be done. Start today, do something different. Take all that hurt and put it to work for you, just like taking fire and using it to cook a meal, take that pain and put it into motion, to make things better. To make things right.

Don’t believe that everyone’s happy around you, they’re not, even if they’re all smiling. It’s sad but true. We’re all in this together, life has it’s ups and downs, and so do we.

Just try your best and never feel bad about feeling bad, that’s just stupid, we’re all fucked in the head, I promise.

Sending love to you all ❤️

Be the best you can be right now, even if you’re not as seemingly perfect as the next person, don’t worry about them, focus on yourself, after all, that’s what really matters. Most importantly, be real, don’t hide behind a veil of lies like so many do.

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