I’m Good at Not Doing Anything

What a happy sloth I am!

I come home from work and I’m freaking tired, I wanna relax, I become the sloth. Fixed in a state where I don’t wanna do anything, and I mean I don’t even wanna cook dinner!

This just isn’t good, what’s a person to do with their lazy ass?!

I have some advice, get the fuck up and move, do something, clean the damn toilet, I’m sure it needs it! But really, just do something, anything! It will make you feel a little less shitty inside!

I know, easier said than done, I get it, I’m doing the same thing. Nothing! But the thing about me is that I want to do nothing, and I’m fine with it because I fucking work, and I’m tired! I deserve this shit!

Don’t let it get to you, relax, we all worry about too many things, and one thing you shouldn’t worry about, is if you’re allowed to relax! You are, do it!

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