Dogecoin Pump and Dump Bubble Will Burst!


I know dogecoin is going on crazy highs now to this date on April 16th, and it looks like you should join in, but don’t! This bubble is going to burst, and you need to cash out now while you’re in the green!

Currently, as of this date it’s at 35 cents, and earlier yesterday it reached a high of 42 cents. Just on April 12th it reached a high of 7 cents, and suddenly kept rising due to publicity from Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and even Conagra got into it with the whole Slim Jim thing.

The problem here is that theres only a few major holders of this meme currency, and if one or all sell, of course they’re going to make major profits, but in turn the people like you and me are going to get screwed and it will drop dramatically. I feel like this is being played by the major holders. The bubble is going to burst leaving people with major losses.

Don’t get in on this now, wait for it to pop and drop, then think about investing when it’s back at it’s low.

A year ago, I had 100k of dogecoin which I paid about 300 dollars in US currency for. If I would of kept it I would of made 45k as of yesterday when it reached a high of 45 cents.

Of course now I’m beating myself up for it, but I’m realizing that this whole movement is unnatural, and is being played by the people who have the most coins, it’s a matter of time till it drops back down.

Just be weary of it, and as of now to this date, it’s not good to invest in it. It will drop. But when it does, consider investing in it when it hits a comfortable low of 7 cents again, or hell even lower.

This is just my speculation. Take it as you wish, I could be wrong. Don’t try to sue me if I’m not..

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