Don’t just sit there and hope, do something, anything.

Did you ever just get stuck in your head, dwelling on something. Maybe a problem, or life situation? Or even thinking about how you’re just wasting away your life, not fulfilling your purpose, whatever it may be. Or, hell, maybe you don’t even know it yet!?

Don’t beat yourself up about it, you’re not alone at all. In fact, there’s millions of people in the same boat as you, and you don’t even realize it, because people aren’t ones to boast their dilemmas like that.

They want to put the great things out there, to make them feel cool enough, or good enough, not the bad. Who wants to tell everyone about their shit sandwich? No one, that’s for sure.

Hope is good, it’s a foundation for accomplishing something in the world that will help another, but some people can just get stuck hoping, and not doing anything

Maybe it’s because of anxiety, which is rooted in fear. We all have fears, we all want people to like us, and we’re afraid of rejection.

So start today, even if it’s one tiny thing that makes the world a better place. Do it now, because tomorrow will come and you can do another, and another. Or you can do nothing, and be stuck right where you were in the first place.

If you have kids, take them out to eat, or to a park, somewhere fun. If you have a friend call them and talk, it doesn’t have to be something amazing, all little things count. Just do something. That’s all that matters.

So start today, and do something, instead of nothing, soon it will grow bigger and bigger, then you can grow like you should. Into the loving kindness we were all made to be.

Enjoy life, little by little, it all adds up, and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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