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  • How a Project Management Mindset Boosts Your Productivity
    In our “always-on, always-connected” world, time is at a premium. Most people spend every day jumping from one task to the next, scrambling to get everything done. But just being busy doesn’t mean you’re successful.[…]
  • How to Find Motivation to Achieve Your Goal After a Setback
    Too much of our life is spent doing what we think we should be doing instead of how we actually want to show up and spend our time. The reality is that our thoughts about[…]
  • 4 Effective Goal-Setting Templates To Help you Set Goals
    When it comes to getting somewhere in life and feeling like you have been successful, you will need to have goals. With these goals, it doesn’t matter if you are thinking about your own personal[…]
  • 7 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones For Productivity Boost
    With more people working from home, many are looking for proper headphones to block out sounds that could break their concentration while working, studying, or attending an online meeting. In fact, using noise-canceling headphones may[…]
  • 15 Smart Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips to Follow
    During the pandemic, video conferencing replaced in-person meetings and has now become the standard option for business meetings. Over the past 17 months, most workers have gotten past the video conferencing learning curve with Zoom[…]
  • What Is Achievement Motivation And How To Use It
    “You can do it!” “Keep going!” “You got this, don’t quit!” These were just a few of the exclamations of support from others that I could barely make out as I struggled to finish one[…]
  • 7 Best Goal Planners To Get in 2021
    A few of the many obstacles to setting goals is that you either forget your goals entirely or you put them off for so long. One of the most effective tools in handling this problem[…]
  • 30 Good Morning Motivation Quotes To Kickstart Your Day
    Waking up can be tough. There’s nothing like the exhausted, overwhelmed morning blues holding a person back from their full potential. So, don’t let it hold you back! Embrace good morning motivation to start your[…]
  • 7 Best Foam Rollers for Muscle Relaxation
    Foam rollers are one of those pieces of equipment where if you do it right, they can provide you with a deep-tissue massage. They’re commonly cylinder-shaped and they push up against sore muscles while you[…]
  • How to Face Emotional Triggers: A 5-Step Process
    Facing your emotional triggers can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Depending on how aware you are in the moment of being triggered, it can feel like you’re once again Charlie Brown being denied the chance by Lucy[…]
  • 20 Healthy and Tasty Family Meals Ideas to Try This Week
    It’s 5 p.m., and you’re exhausted. The kids are hungry, but no one knows what they want to eat for dinner. With very little energy, you force yourself into the kitchen and look through every[…]
  • 3 Steps to Get Rid of a Candida Overgrowth
    Are you wondering how to get rid of Candida overgrowth? First, let’s look at what Candida overgrowth is and how it affects your body. Then, I’ll show you the three steps to get rid of[…]
  • What Is Fear-Based Motivation And Does It Work?
    If you’ve ever thought or said something like this, then you are using fear-based motivation: “If I don’t get that promotion, I’m going to be seen as a failure so I better stay up all[…]
  • How To Set Employee Goals To Help Everyone Grow
    With companies around the globe transitioning to in-office or hybrid workplaces, employees are bracing themselves for new (and maybe some familiar) challenges. During these times of transition, buoying employee motivation is critical for an organization’s[…]
  • How To Set Weekly Goals To Change Your Life
    We have been taught to dream big, but when it comes to actually following our dreams, are you falling short? There can be a million reasons. But one thing is clear, you have not yet[…]
  • 5 Reasons Why Affiliation Motivation Is Important
    “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Have you heard of this quote before? Social behavior is contagious. Maybe you want to believe you have your own will[…]
  • 35 Motivational Quotes To Remind You To Focus On Your Goals
    If you are the kind of person who has a vision for life and has worked deliberately on creating goals for yourself to help you reach that vision, know that you are way ahead of[…]
  • Why You Need Intermediate Goals And How To Set One
    One of the surest ways to improve your life, your sense of well-being, and fulfillment in life is to set goals. A study carried out by the Dominican University discovered that students who wrote their[…]
  • What Are Probiotics And How To Use Them For the Best Health Benefits
    “Probiotics” is a word that most of us are probably familiar with. It’s something that people often recommended to others who are looking to improve their health, especially in terms of their diet. Although probiotics[…]
  • Shift Work Disorder: 17 Ways to Manage it Better
    Are you having trouble sleeping? Or do you feel like you can barely stay awake when you need to? Are you left tired and irritable, lacking the joy and motivation that life once brought? If[…]

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